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Based in London, United Kingdom

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TBA, 2019

PC / Linux / Mac OSX


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Disobedient Sheep is a frantic and lighthearted sheep herd'em'up for two to four players. Play as adorable sheepdogs and guide your hapless flock to victory in four different game-modes by avoiding anvils, dodging dynamite, and bailing on boulders. This is a small, unique game. Ideal for short-sessions, young children, rowdy friends, older folks and non-gamers. The game has an over-the-top cartoony style, and because the controls are simple --- the only input is a single analogue stick --- two players share a controller. At events this goes down particularly well with younger children (8 -- 14) and their (often non-gamer) parents. Sheep flock and herd realistically, following models based on acamdeic research and tweaked for game-feel.


Herding sheep in real-life is exhausting, difficult, and sometimes hilarious. Inspired by afternoons teaching overexcited primary-school children how to work together to corral a group of flighty sheep, disobedient sheep aims to recreate this chaos without the muddy field.


  • Four unique game modes, in co-op and versus.
  • Take control of four adorable doggos.
  • Advanced herding and flocking AI
  • Controller sharing - two players with one controller; four players with two


Games First London Trailer YouTube, .mp4


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About SicklyDove games

SicklyDove is a tiny, spare-time indie game studio by Laurie James, server progammer at Big Pixel studios. Together with the occasional help of some wonderful freelance-friends, the last two-years have been spent on development of Disobedient Sheep - a sheep-herding party game releasing on Steam Q3 2019.

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Disobedient Sheep Credits

Laurie James
Design, programming, environment art

Damion Sheppard
(Freelance) Sound design, music, sound implementation

Bradley Smith
(Freelance) UI, UX, 2D Design

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks